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May 8, 2014

This episode is about a technique for staying on top of all your commitments known as the weekly review. It helps you get a handle on all your commitments, decide what you want and don't want to do with your time and maintain all aspects of your life in working order. The idea for this technique comes from the Getting Things Done approach to personal productivity, but you can adapt it to your own purposes even if you don't practice GTD. Topics covered in the episode include:

  • The three parts to a weekly review: a clear review (discussed in the episode mental decluttering), a current review (this episode) and a creative review (future episode).
  • The value of identifying areas of responsibility in your life and reviewing them each week
  • How to get an overview of all live projects, including urgency and importance
  • The review of each live project and the importance of identifying next actions.
  • The use of agendas and waiting lists for all the people in your life
  • The Calendar review and weekly plan of tasks and decisions

Show Notes:

154 How To Stay On Top With A Weekly Review