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Feb 3, 2019

367 Empowering Creators With Cryptocurrency

Jonathan Hale is the founder of a cryptocurrency-based alternative to Patreon. In this interview, Jonathan talks about how Bitbacker can enable a new wave of cryptocurrency adoption by content creators. He discusses the issues surrounding cryptocurrency adoption and shares his experience as an...

Dec 4, 2018

An interview with returning guest Stephanie Murphy, host of Let's Talk Bitcoin. Stephanie provides an overview of what is happening in cryptocurrencies today, focussing on issues relevant for individual investors.

Show Notes:

Nov 6, 2017

Stephanie Murphy and Brian Sovryn explain the state of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in November 2017. Stephanie is the host of Let's Talk Bitcoin and Brian hosts Sovryn Tech. In this interview, they share their insights into significant changes in the world of cryptocurrencies and what current developments...

Dec 26, 2013

Part two of an in-depth discussion (recorded in 2013) about Bitcoin with Stephanie Murphy, co-host of Let's Talk Bitcoin. Topics covered include:

  • The skewed ownership of Bitcoin: is it a problem?
  • Bitcoin and holding assets outside your own country
  • More on Bitcoin vs Gold
  • Bitcoin price volatility: experiences and...

Dec 20, 2013

An interview with Stephanie Murphy (recorded in 2013) looking in-depth at Bitcoin. Stephanie is co-host of the Let's Talk Bitcoin podcast. Topics covered in the interview include:

  • An overview of what has happened to Bitcoin in 2013
  • Bitcoin as open-source money
  • Does it matter that Bitcoin is "not backed by...