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Jul 17, 2012

This is a repost of an episode of Porc Therapy hosted by Stephanie Murphy that Hannah and I appeared on.
"My friends Jake from The Voluntary Life and Hannah from Becoming Who You Are join me today for this fun podcast-only show where our discussion centers around living free – now! We begin with a PorcFest 2012 wrap up, then talk about connecting over shared values, immigration issues, the Free State Project, civil disobedience and political activism (and our disagreements with both), Jake’s amazing impassioned speech on living free!, intentional communities, permanent tourism and heading south to find freedom, living on a boat, someone who made his own island out of soda bottles, division of labor/going “off the grid,” and Leonid Rogozov’s famous self-appendectomy."

66 Living Free Now: Porc Therapy Show