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The Voluntary Life is a podcast about living a life of your choosing hosted by Jake Desyllas (that's me).

After selling my business, in 2010 I quit the rat race to live job free at the age of 38. I wanted maximum freedom and the chance to spend every day doing only things that I love. So far, that has included publishing two books, becoming a perpetual traveller, going minimalist, starting a family, and doing this podcast.

Starting and selling a business enabled me to live job free, so the emphasis of The Voluntary Life is on financial independence and entrepreneurship. I talk about how to overcome your employee conditioning and build your own kickass business with a purpose that you truly believe in.

I've also had the privilege to interview many people who have found their own ways to live free in an unfree world—some very different to mine. On the podcast you can hear about strategies for personal freedom, productivity, perpetual travel, minimalism, peaceful parenting, rational thinking, and much more.

I hope you enjoy the podcast. If you are curious about the kind of ideas you'll hear, this video is a good place to start:

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